For several years, I’ve thought about maintaining a blog but never sat down long enough to make it happen. Sure, I’d manage to get a few posts written before I lost interest and moved on to something else. I’m kinda ADD like that.

Well… I think it’s time for me to try again. I have watched for some time as my coworkers maintain their own tech blogs, are often linked to in Ruby Weekly and Hacker News, and even publish books. I wondered how they had enough energy to continue doing techie things after a long day at the office. Although I realize that there is pressure to stay on top of your game, I think also that they really enjoy writing, sharing, and learning on the side, particularly about the things they are most passionate about.

I also spend time learning on the side, but for too long, the topics of my learning were mostly on one particular topic: theology. Throughout my life, this is a subject I’ve almost always been willing to discuss / debate / argue about. However, in 2007, I switched sides on the debate. I became a Christian, something I would have been willing to argue against up to that point in my life.

Prior to 2007, I was reading multiple different technical books. However, my focus suddenly shifted to reading books about Christianity, everything I could get my hands on, from books about Spiritual Growth to the Bible to Apologetics (meaning answering objections to God, Jesus, and faith).

More recently, my learning focus has shifted once again. I am now attempting to maintain a balance in what I give my attention to. I want to be the best at my job as I can be so I’m once again reading tech books. I want to grow in my faith so I read Christian books. I want to understand other world-views so I read books about other religions and philosophies. I do fun-reading because I don’t want everything to feel like a task to be checked off. Finally, I try and devote time to learning about business growth, since, as a programmer, I will probably be working in the startup industry for some time to come.

What, therefore, I hope this blog to become is a combination of the topics I am most passionate about, namely, Code (my livelihood) and Theology (my true livelihood).

It is not my goal to force my religious beliefs on anybody. Likewise, I don’t want to force my coding beliefs on anyone either. For that reason, I have divided this blog up into two main categories: unsurprisingly Code and Theology (I will probably also throw in some other misc categories as well at a later time). The division of topics is not to say that the two are incompatible. On the contrary, logic has always been a huge area of focus and interest in my life. That is what first attracted me to programming. In my faith, I feel I followed the evidence to it logical conclusion. This is what led me to Christianity, despite really not wanting to believe in it. I hope to explore this idea more as I set out on maintaining this blog.

I hope it will be a place of reason and logic, and I hope also that I actually keep up with it.

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