Here I Am, Once Again

Oops I did it again. I started another blog with high ambitions and motivation. Nearly two years later, I have all of three posts to point to… four if you include the mini-post you’re reading now. Not exactly the model of self-discipline or accomplishment.

But, I’m ready to start again. Over the last two years, I’ve gathered together a list of things I want to write about. Some are deeper in nature. Some are observations, particularly observations related to becoming a first time parent and about moving over half-way across the country and living in one of the weirdest and yet best places I’ve ever been: Boulder, CO. Some are multi-part tutorials and demonstrations of some of the technology I’ve either learned about or created myself. Some are as basic as reproducing my first published work here. And finally some are very very basic, such as including an About Me page, or a link to my resume.

Well, stay tuned. It’s coming, hopefully sooner than later. Once again, I have high ambitions and motivation. And this time around, I’m not in the midst of a life-changing experience of being thrust into the world of parenting.

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